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Expat project and The Talents available Conference: Attracting skilled international professionals

Finland needs new ideas, skill and networks for Finnish companies to grow internationally. As part of internalisation process, the topic of talent retention was raised by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Expat-project at the “Talent available event” opened by the Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen (in picture) on 5th September 2013 in Helsinki.







While in the morning session the speakers centred the debate on the Chinese community, as an example of how international talents can facilitate
the“soft-landing” of Finnish companies in foreign markets, the afternoon agenda focused on the investigative strategy followed by the Expat-project.

According to the Expat-project, highly educated internationals living in Finland seek their Finnish peer’s recognition and friendship. Meanwhile, they are eager to advance their career in the local society. In conclusion, after a two-year research period the Expat-project’s proposal for the betterment of the current situation of the expat community is based on the following policy recommendations:

  • Bring the issue of international talent retention to the forefront of the political agenda. Increase the cultural intelligence of society and champion the success story of expats by enabling the actors to carry out the relevant actions.
  • Utilise social networks as a pathway for social and professional integration. Support the third sector and exploit the fourth sector (social entrepreneurship) as part of social and professional integration services.
  • Extend the service network in talent retention-Central Baltic Sea Region (CBSR) and Europe in joint forces. Promote cooperation and the establishment of a joint governmental agency or consulate of the CBSR in the sourcing country

The Expat-project, a two-year programme (2012-13) co-founded by the EU Interreg IV A-Programme, has focused all efforts on creating a platform to increase the interaction among expats and the Finnish public and private sectors. The core idea behind this approach lies in promoting social networking and human capital in the region.

Pictures and presentations are available at:
For more information, please contact:
  • Project Manager Christine Chang, christine.chang at, +358 44 353 3014
  • Project Secretary Heli Halla-aho, heli.halla-aho at, +358 40 140 5590
  • Senior Advisor Pertti Vuorela, pertti.vuorela at, +358 40 5452 566


Promoting Young Entrepreneurship was the key theme in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region European Entrepreneurial year 2012. EER 2012 Project aimed for increasing interest to start as entrepreneur, improving co-operation, interaction and internationalisation among students and innovation actors.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences has published 22.5.2013 a research report about the results of the project.

According to the research results in EER 2012 project, entrepreneurial intention of Helsinki-Uusimaa’s young people core factors relate their close environment expectations, support and encouragement towards entrepreneurship. The close environment includes family, friends, school and work

The Expat service platform pilot was launched in a networking event for expats and service providers 28 February 2013. The platform was launched in a real time video conference in Helsinki, Turku, Tallinn and Riga. The pilot launch comes as a result of the surveys and workshops which were conducted in all regions.

The internationals, public officers and non-profit organizations were brought together to develop a virtual service platform which is piloted for participatory development this year. The service platform offers useful guidelines for settling-in and easier access to existing public services and social networking activities.
New platform piloted and developed further to better serve the expats
The Expats virtual service platform is initiated by the Expat-project. It combines services of social networking and a guideline to existing public information and is open for participatory development in order to make Helsinki region international and competitive in a global economy.
The Helsinki region service platform can be found at
The platform is currently on testing phase and users are asked to give feedback what they think about it.
More information about the EXPAT project, please visit


Needs of expats in Helsinki region

Successful Helsinki region workshop – service demands rising for developers and connection improving amongst users.

On the 3rd December 2012, EXPAT project Helsinki Consortium organised an expat workshop in Helsinki city centre.  About 25 expatriates who reside in the greater Helsinki region participated in the workshop. From expat’s point of views, it was obvious that services for international knowledge workers in Helsinki are in a great demand. During the workshop, expats had great time to openly discussing and socialising.

Generally, most of expats have found life in the greater Helsinki region satisfactory. Despite the cold weather and a homogenous society in comparison to many cities in the world, Helsinki region still wins hearts of the expats who moved here. It was however clear that, finding information about social and professional connections as well as networking need to be improved.

Full analysis of the workshop in published on

EXPAT project: Innovative Services for International Talents – Easier Access to the Central Baltic Sea Region.

Pertti organised the event From Student to Entrepreneur ”Opiskelijasta yrittäjäksi” 15.11.2012 at Aalto Design Factory Otaniemi. Successful entrepreneurs presented their case stories and Learning Café offered students possibility to ask direct questions from advisors. More than hundred interested participants from University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Metropolia, Laurea, Haaga-Helia, Omnia…

Ilkka Paananen, Supercell






CEO Ilkka Paananen from the company Supercell pointed out to keep the focus, which in practical terms means e.g. to say no several times a day.  Supercell prefers rapid prototyping, so testing new ideas, but is also capable to quit unsuccesful ideas if they don’t attract users.

News story in Finnish



Pertti activities 4-12 2012 EER

Promoting Young Entrepreneurship – EER2012 Project some activities April 2012 to December 2012

Promoting Young Entrepreneurship on EER stand at the fair for starting entrepreneurs “Oma yritys” 27.3. Helsinki Region Local Digital Agenda workshops 3.4 and 16.4 plus Aalto DF PDP demoday 22.4

Yritystä Stadiin seminar at Marina Congress Center Helsinki 8.5 and Culminatum day at Bio Rex 1.6. Promoting Young Entrepreneurship.

Startup Sauna Demo Day at Helsinki – showcase of startups 7.6

EER 2012 stand and EER creative entrepreneurs at European Championships in Athletics Event Park 27.6 – 1.7

Aalto Camp for Societal Innovations, ACSI 7-14.8 and ACSIBITION case presentations 14.8

EER Helsinki presentation to Southern Denmark EER Region visiting Helsinki 30.8.

Aalto Entrepreneurship activities at Aalto Party at Otaniemi Campus 4.9.

Team Finland internationalization day for SMEs at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki 10.9.2012. The President and Prime Minister of Finland with two Cabinet
Ministers promising support to the internationalisation of small companies.

Ovet auki kasvulle! Event at Aalto Start-up Center incubator celebrating 15 year operation 12.9.

EER Workshop “Innovation, Internalization and Cooperation within the EER Regions” at Genshagen, Berlin Brandenburg, 17-18.9.2012.

EER presentation to Swedish guests visiting Helsinki 2.10. Life Science focus.

EER Seminar and Young Entrepreneurship promotion at Open days Brussels 9-10.10, Committee of Regions

Design Seminar at the new Helsinki Music House 16.10. Ready, steady, Success!

Reception at Helsinki by German Ambassador and Minister for Economic and European Affairs of the state of Brandenburg  22.10.

Otaniemi Forum at DF 1.1 brought together young & young -minded engineers, business people and designers.

Kampus kahvit ja kumppanuusseminaari at Laurea Tikkurila, Vantaa 7.11

PitchHelsinki event at City Hall of Helsinki 13.11. 15 startups pitching. Event dedicated for promising startup company presentations from Helsinki. Possibility to network with start-ups and investors.

Pertti organised the event From Student to Entrepreneur ”Opiskelijasta yrittäjäksi” 15.11.2012 at Aalto Design Factory Otaniemi. Success stories and Learning Café. More than hundred interested participants from University of Helsinki, Aalto, Metropolia, Laurea, Haaga-Helia, Omnia…

Innovation Express – Finnish Entrepreneurial Students Present Young Entrepreneurs’ Manifesto in Brussels (Helsinki-Uusimaa, EER 2012)  Innovation Express Helsinki Brussels   Play Video  Innovation Express –

SLUSH, the largest tech, design & startup conference covering Northern Europe and Russia 21-22.11.2012 at the Cable Factory, Helsinki. Slush | Agenda

Event activating entrepreneurship in the university 29.11 – yliopistolaisen yrittäjyyden ilta – how knowledge creates action.

Helsinki Region European Entrepreneurial Year, EER 2012, summary event 13.12 looked results so far and activities ahead…  EER 2012 – Edistämme
nuorta yrittäjyyttä

EXPAT project: Innovative Services for International Talents – Easier Access to the Central Baltic Sea Region. Below some activities from April to December 2012:

Kick-off meeting at Helsinki 19-20.4.2012

Helsinki region settling-in services future development 4.5.2012

BE GLOBAL – Creative Finland seminar at Helsinki 9.5.

Study visit to Expat Center & Expat partner meeting Stockholm 23-24.5.

Networking Greater Helsinki Summer Fest at Bio Rex 15.6 and Invest In Finland 20 year Reception at Helsinki 23.8.

Helsinki region Welcome Week event – City of  Espoo Mayors reception at WeeGee 31.8.

EXPAT project Uppsala meeting and synergy workshop 18-20.9.2012.  The Expat project leaflet is here!

Baltic Sea Region development in ONE BSR Kick-off seminar on a Baltic sea Cruise Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn 24-26.10

Otaniemi Forum 1.11 at DF brought together young & young -minded engineers, business people and designers.

EXPAT project meetings Amsterdam 25-27.11.2011. Study visit to Den Haag and Amsterdam services for expats. The website of the EXPAT project:     Innovative Services for International Talents

Visiting the Hague International Centre. Excellent service point for expats. Gemeente Den Haag – The Hague International Centre The Hague International Centre is a joint initiative between the Municipality of The Hague, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and ACCESS. It is the first point of contact for (new) residents of The Hague.

ACCESS – FREE Information, Advice and Support for the Expatriate…  ACCESS is a not for profit organisation that serves the needs and interests of the international community.

Visiting Expatcenter Amsterdam. Services only for incoming knowledge workers. Serving 6000 customers annually with 15 workers. Welcome to the Expatcenter  The Expatcenter opened in June 2008 and was one of the first schemes of its kind in the  Netherlands to cut the red tape for internationals and assist in the process of settling in.


EXPAT project’s successful workshop for Helsinki region Expats on the 3rd of December 2012. Result analysis


The Helsinki Metropolitan Area needs talented people, thriving businesses and international investments to success in global competition and to create a prosperous metropolis. Settling-in services in the Helsinki region presenting brochure and the manual including one page descriptions of all services are the results of the regional development work. You can download these documents on the page
The printed 4 pages brochure is for customer delivery and the 24 pages e-publication of service descriptions is a guide for all advisers. Settling-in services in the Helsinki region serves as user-friendly manual for all advisors and organizations serving foreign companies and individuals settling-in Helsinki region. The advisors can with the help of the service offering as a whole to guide the customer to find the access to the right service provider in the Helsinki region.
The results were compiled together in the Greater Helsinki Area Cohesion and Competence program COCO-GHA project NoWrongDoor and were published in the NoWrongDoor seminar 22.3.2012.

Pertti will participate the launch of TalentMatch at Otaniemi, Espoo 10.2.2012.

TalentMatch is a social career network provided by Otaniemi Marketing and Technopolis on JobGo. TalentMatch combines matching in social media and networking events with easy access to add-on services to create a marketplace where internationally qualified, right talent is in the right place, at the right time.

Pertti is heading towards Berlin and will participate the Final BaSIC project meeting at Berlin Adlershof Science Park 3-4.2.2012. The BaSIC network offers Market Access services for internationalising and innovative growth companies. The network of Market Access Points is presented on

For the regional development of settling-in services cooperation Pertti has put together a document presenting Settling-in services for Helsinki region. The content needs verification so all comments are welcome. Please ask more from Pertti. The pdf document will in near future be available and downloaded from NoWrongDoor project page –> NoWrongDoor

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