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SLUSH 2014, Nov 18-19 at Helsinki

The SLUSH conference in Helsinki, Finland 18-19.11.2014 was this year biggest ever with 14 000 participants, investors, company executives, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic people from 79 countries in the global startup ecosystem.

There are many good stories about this event, here some:

Slush is solid by Mika Salmi

Slush by Reaktor;  Slush 2014 day two: Helsinki gets Uber, Enbrite pitches for 500k and people keep on launching tablets

Slush pictures by Slush Media

Slush memories: A photo essay of the hottest conference in the cold Nordics

Slush youtube

Winner of the Slush 100, €500 000

Slush to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell

SLUSH homepage



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