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The Helsinki Metropolitan Area needs talented people, thriving businesses and international investments to success in global competition and to create a prosperous metropolis. Settling-in services in the Helsinki region presenting brochure and the manual including one page descriptions of all services are the results of the regional development work. You can download these documents on the page
The printed 4 pages brochure is for customer delivery and the 24 pages e-publication of service descriptions is a guide for all advisers. Settling-in services in the Helsinki region serves as user-friendly manual for all advisors and organizations serving foreign companies and individuals settling-in Helsinki region. The advisors can with the help of the service offering as a whole to guide the customer to find the access to the right service provider in the Helsinki region.
The results were compiled together in the Greater Helsinki Area Cohesion and Competence program COCO-GHA project NoWrongDoor and were published in the NoWrongDoor seminar 22.3.2012.

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