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Pertti Vuorela shares William Wolfram tips for Young Entrepreneur (Talouselämä 16.12.2011):

1  Trust yourself and start doing 2  Know your substance and added value 3  Remember to listen customers and advisors when realizing your dream  4  Test if customers like your ideas 5  Know your metrics and outcome

Picture: William Wolfram at Opiskelijasta yrittäjäksi -event 15.12.2011

William Wolframin vinkit Nuorelle yrittäjälle (Talouselämä 16.12.2011):

1 Usko itseesi

2 Tunne alueesi

3 Muista kuunnella

4 Testaa aina asiakkaalla

5 Tunne tilastosi ja tuloksesi

Kuva William Wolframista Opiskelijasta yrittäjäksi -tilaisuudessa 15.12.2011 Otaniemessä

Great event about entrepreneurship today at Design Factory! Thanks to Kristian Ranta from Mendor and William Wolfram from DealDash to share their stories about entrepreneurship with us. Common recommendation shared with the panelists Riina Rupponen, Henrietta Kekäläinen, Petra Tarjanne and Lari Lohikoski was that first you need a positive attitude and trust you idea, then don’t give up and find your own way to succeed.

Opiskelijasta yrittäjäksi -tilaisuus 15.12.2011 by Culminatum Innovation

Pertti participated 1.12.2011 the NEO-SEUTU tournee and seminar presenting services for foreigners, visiting e.g. Otaniemi Design Factory hearing about Otaniemi International Network services, inEspoo service point at Sello and Virka-Info at Helsinki City Hall.

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