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PÖHINÄÄ #ACSI11 Finnish word for positive community energy, learning at Aalto Societal Innovation Camp.

PÖHINÄÄ is doing, PÖHINÄ is the thing which exists at Aalto Design Factory and Venture Garage at Aalto City.

Aalto City is new name for the Espoo T3 area, proposed by the international case work of Increasing Innovation practice in City Environment at Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI.

Welcome to ACSIbition at Dipoli, Aalto City, Espoo, Finland, 31st August, 1-3 pm.



ACSI 2011 at Espoo August 24-31

Pertti is following and participating the Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation – ACSI 2011 at Aalto University, Espoo, Otaniemi 24-31.8.2011. The case work Increasing Innovation practice in City Environment is done for the needs of City of Espoo as international team work following the ACSI concept. The results are published and presented in the ACSIbition exhibition 31.8.2011 at 13 o’clock in the Dipoli Congress Centre, Espoo, Otaniemi.  ACSI stands for a new generation innovation agenda. It aims to channel academic knowledge to create innovative solutions helping to tackle societal challenges. ACSI gives rise to an international, self-renewing innovation community integrating research, learning and innovation. 


Summer of Startups DemoDay 10.8

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society Summer of Startups 2011 will be concluded in the DemoDay on the 10th of August in Otaniemi.

  Aalto Entrepreneurship Society

 Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is a community-driven organization founded in fall 2008. We help students and researchers create world-changing startups from Finland and Northern Europe. Our events connect you with new ideas,…

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